Microsoft Tools

Check out our top tips when working with Microsoft’s vast program/tool collection.

Format Option in Teams
Creating Team Assignment From Existing
Website Tab in Teams

When posting to a conversation in a Microsoft Teams channel, use the format option. You can add a subject to your post and use paragraphs. This will keep your channel organized and make it easier to search.

You can create new assignments in @MicrosoftTeams based on assignments you’ve previously given. Just choose “From existing” and you’ll be able to use the old assignment as a template!

Add any website as a tab in @MicrosoftTeams to leverage to the power of “outside” resources INSIDE Teams! Include frequently accessed websites to give users easy access.

Format Painter in Office
Focus Assist in Win 10 Image
Design Ideas in PowerPoint

Need the same text format in @Office without manually changing? Highlight the text, click Format Painter on Home ribbon, & highlight text you want to change. Double click Format Painter to use multiple times.

To keep email or calendar notifications from popping up while presenting, use Focus Assist in Windows 10. Select Notifications>Expand>Focus assist to activate.

Design your presentation like a pro! The next time you add to a slide in PowerPoint, click on the Design tab to get the magic started.

Record Video in PPT
OneNote Web Clipper
Recipes in OneNote

Use the screen recorder in PowerPoint to record anything displaying on your screen. This feature can be used to create video tutorials for students, teachers, parents, and more. Check out this video

Save anything on the web to OneNote in one click. Add the OneNote Web Clipper to your web browser so you can save, annotate, and organize anything from the web. Click here for more

Use @OneNote to create a digital recipe book of your favorite recipes for easy access on any device, from anywhere. BONUS – You can also collaborate and share your notebook with others to expand your collection!

Create an MP4 Video in PPT
MM Crop Images in OneNote Online
Microsoft Selfie app

Create MP4 videos using PowerPoint. Once you have created and animated your slides, save your PowerPoint as an MP4. Here’s a quick tutorial

Want to crop an image in OneNote? Well… the wait is over! OneNote Online, and within Microsoft Teams, has a crop feature! Simply insert your image, click the picture tab, select crop, and crop your picture.

Do you love the way Snapchat can make you look years younger, just from a single filter? The Microsoft Selfie app has the same effect and it’s super easy.