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Other Tips

There are many other tips and tricks, such as keybord shortcuts, that can help you in your everyday endeavors.  Check out some of our favorite tips to help save you time and effort.

CTRL + K to Link
Paste as Plain Text2
Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts2

Need to create a link to a website in #Windows? Simply highlight the text you want to hyperlink & press Ctrl+K. Complete the link info in the pop and hit OK.

Get around formatting by using this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + V. This pastes as plain text, removing the original formatting.

When working within a web browser, a quick way to zoom in and out is with keyboard shortcuts:  Zoom Out: (Ctrl -)  Zoom In: (Ctrl +)  Return to 100%: (Ctrl 0)

Bullet Points
OneNote Search Shortcut
To Do Tag OneNote

I love organizational tips!  Press the Ctrl & Shift & L keys to add a bullet point to your text.

If you forget where you placed information in OneNote, use the keyboard shortcut to search. Ctrl + E opens a search box that searches all open notebooks.

If you like To Do lists, you’ll love the To Do tag (checkbox) in OneNote.  Press CTRL-1 to create boxes that you can check off when a task is complete.

Re-Open Browser Tabs
Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard
Windows 10 Snipping Tool

Accidentally close a browser tab? No worries! With CTRL-Shift-T you can re-open that closed tab quickly and get back to being productive.

Want to add an emoji on #Windows10 and don’t have the option? Simply press the Windows & . keys to open the emoji keyboard in any application.

Take a snip quickly with this Windows 10 shortcut: Windows-Shift-S. Your snip will automatically save to the clipboard so you can paste it into any document.

JL Open Another Instance of OneNote
Text Replacement
SC Alt Tab

When working in OneNote, you can open another instance of the program simply by clicking Ctrl + M.

Do you ever wonder how some people have 20 hashtags on an Instagram or Twitter post? That seems like it would take forever to type, right!?! 
Try using a keyboard replacement shortcut. Here is a quick tutorial.

Switch between open applications in Windows, Hold down Alt, then click Tab to select the open application you would like to use. It is a great way to help you work efficiently and effectively. 

Ctrl Drag to Copy Paste
F11 Full Screen
Insta Add Stop Sign

Quickly copy and paste pictures in Word, PowerPoint, etc. by holding CTRL, left-clicking on a picture or text box, and drag it! This creates a copy and you can drag the new copy right away!

Click F11 on your keyboard to remove distractions and see the current web page, or other programs, in full screen mode. Click F11 or hover near the top of the window and click the pop-up X to return to normal view.

 Help keep your students on track with their online learning.  Add a stop sign page at the end of each day’s assignments.

Insta - Icons and Emojis
insta ctrlz
insta ctrlshiftz

Use icons/emojis as visual aids in your titles to help students see what is planned for them.  Being consistent with visuals allows students to focus on their learning.  Use the Windows + . shortcut or

This shortcut is a true friend in the computer world. It’s the shortcut for Undo and works just about everywhere: 


Last week we shared the undo option. This week it is Redo! Ctrl+Shift+Z will redo what you just removed for most programs.

Insta Post Edge Icon
Insta Post RC Back Button
Insta Post Scroll Wheel

Clean up your Edge Browser Favorites Bar by deleting the words of the favorite and leave just the icon! Right click on the link in your Favorites Bar and select ‘Show icon only‘.

When browsing, save time and clicks by right-clicking the back button in your browser. It will list your history on that tab so you can quickly jump to the page you need.

Click the scroll wheel on your mouse to open weblinks in a new tab. It will save you clicks and time!

Insta conditional formatting inbox
Insta Split Monitor
Insta pin unpin folders

Have you seen the amazing classroom templates in Canva?
They are amazing and you can even personalize them with your bitmoji under the more apps option! See how in this quick tip.

Split your monitor view quickly to show multiple windows at once. Select the Windows key and an arrow key at once.

Always have your most used folders showing in Quick Access within your file explorer. Right-click a folder from within file explorer and choose to pin or un-pin it.

Insta windows + tab
Insta INstall Win 10 apps in Edge
Insta Google Slides

Quickly switch from one open application to another on a PC by select the Windows and Tab keys.  A display of all open applications will display. Select what you want to view.

Install apps to your Windows 10 taskbar with Microsoft Edge. Simply click the + in the address bar. Learn how in this Quick Tip.

Google Slides can easily be converted to a PPT slidedeck. Choose File > Download > Microsoft PPT.

Insta copy shape
Insta Ribbet PE
Insta WinTab

You can quickly make exact multiple copies of a shape in the Office products. Hold down the Ctrl key. Then click and drag the shape.

Check out for free photo editing. After editing, add effects, text, and more to personalize your photos.

Quickly move from one open program on your computer to another using the Windows + Tab keyboard shortcut.

Insta Calendars GTO
Insta Font Size Shortcut
Insta Audio and Genially

Did you know that you can create beautiful calendars in Genially? Check out this video to see an EPIC app smash with Genially + OneNote + Teams!

Change text size quickly in Word and other applications with a keyboard shortcut. Highlight the text, press CTRL + Shift + > to increase font. Press CTRL + Shift + < to decrease.

Add audio recordings to your Genially creations. This feature is great for adding accessibility to any lesson. See how here.

Insta Clear Cache Shortcut
Insta Chrome Update Shortcut
Insta Create New Folder

Need to clear your cache in Chrome? Type “clear cache” in the address bar.  It will take you right to that settings option.

Chrome update? Check by typing “Chrome update” in the address bar. It will take you right to that settings option.

Create a new folder in your file explorer window by using the Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut. 

Insta Fireworks GIFs

Add some spice to your communication this week by adding a firewords GIF. Check out for some great options.