Keyboard Shortcuts

There are often many ways to do the same thing.  Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly access options, saving you time.

CTRL + K to Link
Paste as Plain Text2
Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts2

Need to create a link to a website in #Windows? Simply highlight the text you want to hyperlink & press Ctrl+K. Complete the link info in the pop and hit OK.

Get around formatting by using this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + V. This pastes as plain text, removing the original formatting.

When working within a web browser, a quick way to zoom in and out is with keyboard shortcuts:  Zoom Out: (Ctrl -)  Zoom In: (Ctrl +)  Return to 100%: (Ctrl 0)

Bullet Points
OneNote Search Shortcut
To Do Tag OneNote

I love organizational tips!  Press the Ctrl & Shift & L keys to add a bullet point to your text.

If you forget where you placed information in OneNote, use the keyboard shortcut to search. Ctrl + E opens a search box that searches all open notebooks.

If you like To Do lists, you’ll love the To Do tag (checkbox) in OneNote.  Press CTRL-1 to create boxes that you can check off when a task is complete.

Re-Open Browser Tabs
Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard
Windows 10 Snipping Tool

Accidentally close a browser tab? No worries! With CTRL-Shift-T you can re-open that closed tab quickly and get back to being productive.

Want to add an emoji on #Windows10 and don’t have the option? Simply press the Windows & . keys to open the emoji keyboard in any application.

Take a snip quickly with this Windows 10 shortcut: Windows-Shift-S. Your snip will automatically save to the clipboard so you can paste it into any document.